Register Clusters

Register connection information for your Kafka clusters and save it in an encrypted database file.

If you are working with Avro serialization, it is important to provide Schema Registry URL to be able to view deserialized messages.

Configuration Steps

  1. Click on Kafka Clusters node in the Cluster Explorer tree view

    This will display the list of already registered Kafka connections. Kafka Magic: Registered Kafka connections

  2. In the to toolbar click Register New button

    There is a lot of connection options available on the Register new Kafka cluster connection screen. Kafka Magic: New Kafka cluster connection

  3. Enter Kafka cluster connection information

    In the simplest case of local development Kafka cluster you just need to enter a Cluster Name (anything you want) and Bootstrap Servers (Comma-separated list of brokers host and port pairs, like localhost:9092).

  4. To be able to manage Avro serialized messages enter Schema Registry info.

    Kafka Magic: Schema Registry info

  5. Click Verify button to make sure that connection data is valid

  6. Click Register Connection button

    Your new cluster will be displayed in the Cluster Explorer tree view.