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Kafka Magic Community Edition is FREE for personal and business use.
Just download the app following links below.

You can get access to free Professional Evaluation by signing up for Kafka Magic Account in your Kafka Magic app.

Kafka Magic now supports arm64 platform - Apple M1 chip and arm64 Docker Container

Download and Run

Platform Get files
Windows 64 Download
macOS 11.0 Big Sur arm64 (M1) Download KafkaMagic_osx.11.0-arm64.dmg
macOS 11.0 Big Sur x64 (Intel) Download KafkaMagic_osx.11.0-x64.dmg
Linux 64 Download
Docker container (Linux amd64, arm64) docker pull digitsy/kafka-magic

Latest version:, 2022-12-25. See Release Notes


Extract zip file into a new folder. Run KafkaMagic.exe app.

In your browser navigate to http://localhost:5777


Double click dmg file and drag KafkaMagic.App to the Applications folder.

In your browser navigate to http://localhost:5777

When you want to shut down the app - right click KafkaMagic icon in the Dock and select Force Quit menu option.


Extract zip file into a new folder. In the context of that folder run

chmod +x KafkaMagic

Docker container

Kafka Magic Docker container (Linux amd64) is hosted on Docker Hub in the repository digitsy/kafka-magic.

To pull the image: docker pull digitsy/kafka-magic.

The web interface is exposed on port 80. To run container and map to a different port (ex. 8080):

docker run -d --rm -p 8080:80 digitsy/kafka-magic

In your browser navigate to http://localhost:8080

Docker-compose file

You can combine configuration parameters in a single docker-compose.yml file.

version: '3'
    image: "digitsy/kafka-magic"
      - "8080:80"
      - .:/config
      KMAGIC_CONFIG_STORE_CONNECTION: "Data Source=/config/KafkaMagicConfig.db;"

Run docker-compose up in the folder where the docker-compose.yml file is located and in your browser navigate to http://localhost:8080 to see the Kafka Magic UI.

Settings and Troubleshooting

See app configuration options

See troubleshooting tips