Manage Topics

Creating and Deleting topics

Provided with Professional license.

In Kafka Magic you can create and delete topics using User Interface or Automation Script.


As a precaution, topic deletion is disabled by default. You can change configuration to enable topic deletion:

For Docker container use boolean Environment variable KMAGIC_ALLOW_TOPIC_DELETE.

For desktop app use configuration parameter ALLOW_TOPIC_DELETE in the appsettings.json file.

Managing topics using UI

Create topic

Kafka Magic: Create topic through UI

Delete topic

Make sure the topic deletion is enabled in the app configuration.

Kafka Magic: Delete topic through UI

Managing topics using Automation Script

You can perform a full set of topic management operations using Kafka Magic Automation Script.

Topic management example:

// create topic
var topic = Magic.createTopic('My cluster name', 'my_new_topic_name');

// delete topic

With Automation Script you can also register an Avro schema for the topic.

See complete script description here.