How to

Visualize and Manage content of your Kafka cluster

Kafka Magic tool covers most of the scenarios you can encounter while working with Apache Kafka, all via convenient User Interface.

Create or delete Topics and Schemas, search for specific messages, transform messages and send them to different topics, or do all this in a complex automated sequence, using familiar JavaScript language.

Search for specific messages in a topic

Whether it is JSON or Avro serialized message, Kafka Magic allows you to search for it using JavaScript query referencing any combination of the message fields, headers, and metadata. You can even transform selected messages before saving them to a file.

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Publish Messages using Schemas

Kafka Magic allows you to publish JSON or Avro serialized messages to a Kafka topic via User Interface or Automation Script.

You can set message serialization and schema registration parameters, producer compression type and level.

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Transform and Copy messages between Kafka topics

Kafka Magic easily accomplishes one of the most requested tasks - copying selected messages from one topic to another, with optional transformation along the way, sometimes providing the only way to quickly achieve desired result.

When your system misbehaves, and you need to provide a fix ASAP, Kafka Magic can find messages in question, transform them, and copy into another topic with the same or different schema, or create exact byte copy of a message for compliance or investigation purposes.

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Review and Manage your Schemas

Confluent Schema Registry rules might be confusing sometimes, but with Kafka Magic you are getting full visibility into your schemas structure, versioning, and assignments. When querying topics, publishing, or transforming messages, the schemas in Kafka Magic are easy to navigate, review, and replace.

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Manage Kafka Topics

In Kafka Magic you can list, create, or delete topics via User Interface or Automation Script. You can even provide a schema for your topic during the topic creation.

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Automate Complex Tasks

Kafka Magic allows you to automate tasks by writing JavaScript code (full ECMAScript compliance). You can automate everything that Kafka Magic UI allows you do, and even more, enabling complex testing or support scenarios.

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